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First impressions of the beautiful landscape and nature

National Anthem

History of South Africa


It’s a mix of different traditions and cultures practiced by different ethnic groups 

  1. Ingoma dance:  
  • A traditional dance that is practiced by the Zulus 
  • This dance involves high kicks 
  • It is performed to drum beats or a chant 
  • Usually, the Ingoma is danced during ceremonies of transition, for example weddings, the coming of age or in pre-hunt periods 
  1. Dzilla: 
  • The ndebele culture is the most colourful of all south african cultures 
  • Their wear is female and they wear the dzilla, rings made of copper or brass around their necks, arms or legs 
  1. Sokkie dance:  
  • Also known as “longarm”  
  • This dance is practiced by the Afrikaners 
  • It includes fluid movements and close, intimate dancing  
  • It can be danced to most music and in almost every situation 
  1. The cape minstrels: 
  • The Cape Malay people celebrate their history, culture and tradition every year on 2 january 
  • It is a very colourful street festival  
  • The people are singing and traditional music is played 


A very well-known snack: dried meat speciality Biltong 

Many Indian dishes are also part of the South African food culture  

For example: Samoosas— Dough bags filled with chicken, lamb or potatoes 

Cornmeal mush known as “Mealie Pap“ ends up on the table almost every day 

Much meat like lamb, cow, especially ostrich meat, kudu and springbok 

Famous People


Quiz: How good is your knowledge of behaviour in South Africa?