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General Information

In 2020, Jamaica had about 2,961 million inhabitants, which makes it the third most populous anglophone country in the Americas. It is also the largest island in the Caribbean with an area of 10,991 km2 of which about 1,5% is water.

Conflicts in society

“The famous birthplace of Bob Marley, reggae and the Rastafari movement […]”

-World travel guide

Germany and Jamaica are unfortunately separated by about 8.290 km, which automatically causes a geographical and socio-cultural distance. When thinking of Jamaica, certain stereotypes might come to one’s mind. Considering the fact that Jamaica’s current situation is only ever mentioned  in movies, social media or in the news (should it be either extremely interesting and mind blowing or serve our entertainment), we don’t really have an extensive understanding of Jamaica’s true culture and their conflicts. As mentioned in the quote above, the most known stereotypes regarding Jamaica are: Knowing Bob Marley, listening to reggae and being part of the Rastafari movement. Other stereotypes that are also oftenly represented in movies and series are the excessive consumption of weed and living near the beach.